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  • How does TeraKey protect files?
    TeraKey encrypts files with randomly generated long keys, which are destroyed after encryption verification. Hackers and information thieves will never be able to decrypt a file since the keys are not stored anywhere.
  • Can I use the TeraCryption platform to help obtaining ISO and NIST-800 series compliance?
    The TeraCryption platform security, operation and functionality follows NIST 800 series recommendations. Use TeraCryption in your company as an important part of your plan to achieve NIST compliance. Contact us to explain in detail how.
  • Are my sensitive documents uploaded to TeraCryption to be encrypted?
    Never. Encryption is performed by the TeraKey application running on the user's computer under FIPS security controls.
  • Can TeraKey encrypt any type of files?
    Yes. TeraKey can encrypt entire folders with different types of files such as PDF, ZIP, docx, jpg, MP3, MP4. etc.
  • Do I have to buy encryption keys and how much do I have to pay?
    TeraKey generates random encryption keys for each document. They will never be duplicated. You can encrypt thousands of files without having to pay for encryption keys.
  • Is TeraKey encryption unbreakable?
    TeraKey uses random 256-bit encryption keys for every document, which are destroyed after encryption. Only authorized TeraKey users will be able to decrypt and open documents. No one else.
  • How are files decrypted if the encryption keys were destroyed?
    Only certain authorized users are able to decrypt files, and only if they have permissions granted by the Administrator executing encrypted security controls. Documents do not contain encryption keys. Decryption is achieved by complex algorithms executed when decryption is needed providing 100% decryption success.
  • How can I download TeraKey to test and check if it is good for my business before I buy?
    Go to "Request Quote" and fill in the form. After approval, you will receive a link with TeraKey installation instructions for your 7-day trial. Kindly tell us the number of TeraKey users and what you intent to achieve.
  • Can I share encrypted files with other users without worring about sending the encryption keys?
    Yes, you can share encrypted files with other TeraKey users via the network, regular email, TeraMail and Cloud services. No one will be able to decrypt the files except authorized TeraKey users regardless of their physical location.
  • Is the TeraCryption platform a system for business?
    TeraCryption is a system made for business to protect communications and sensitive documents. You can manage TeraKey encrypted files using Explorer and can place them anywhere in your computers or cloud services.
  • How much is the TeraCryption service?
    The price is based on the type of service and the number of users. Please go to "Request Quote" to fill in the form. Enter the number of users and a brief description of what you need.
  • What is in this section?
    Our request to receive feedback from you. We look for a description of your application. What are your main concerns? Are you in the process to be compliant with NIST? Please send us your thoughts to Your response will be confidential. You can count on that!


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